Cherepko Session

I'm nervous, but so excited to share this video. This is just a small version of the full video I will be sending to Megan and Paul. We shot from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. back in December. (Eek, I know!) Luckily Megan knows this is something I've been super excited about so it's not something that has just been sitting here not getting worked on. It took a while to upload all the videos, sort them and get them in a timeline I've felt was fitting. I'm still not 100% on the final one.....sorry Megan. Lol.


I've done little videos for lifestyle sessions and sent them to clients, but really hadn't encouraged myself to really dive into it. I took the workshop that my soul needed with Joy Prouty from Wildflowers Photography and she really helped with stepping out of our own boundaries and do sessions and projects that speak to us. Not just for likes on Facebook. I talked about this with Megan a lot and she is one of the most encouraging mamas out there. I just adore her and grateful for our friendship. 

So before I continue to ramble's a tiny bit of my day with them. 

Don't worry Paul...I didn't include my creeping on you while sleeping in this one. ;)